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Briaux creates simplified websites at an affordable price for small business. We will always endeavor to produce the highest quality work within your budget.


  1. Needs:We discuss the requirements and what you want to achieve with the website.
  2. Design:You get an overview of all services to be provided and how much it costs.
  3. Research:I immerse myself in a short time in your business to get closer to your goals.
  4. Design:We discuss how will look like the website. What style, images, colors, fonts and so on.
  5. Development:I build the website as discussed. You get every step of the process enough chances to make adjustments.
  6. Training:You get a speed course WordPress so you can add and edit new content after on your website itself.
  7. Test and Launch:The website is tested and then released. Assistance in finding web and domain hosting is possible.
  8. After-service:We keep in touch to see if everything after smoothly and that there needs to be adjusted slightly.

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